Flymo 1200r Robotic Mower Review

Like all Robotic Lawn Mowers, the Flymo 1200R Robotic Mower will handle your mowing for you, while you can sit back and just relax, or do some other things. The 1200R can mow a lawn area up to 400 m2 very effectively without any wheel ruts, resulting in a perfect, neat cut.

.Flymo 1200R

The 1200R is equipped with a powerful Lithium-ion 18V /1.6Ah battery and ensures an energy saving & reliable operation at all times. The Flymo 1200R has been designed for easy installation to enable you get it up and running quickly.

Performance & Installation

Installing the 1200R is easy with the help of a clear instruction manual, and it’s important that you follow the manual exactly is it is laid out, to avoid any issues.

It’s strongly advised that this is done correctly from the beginning or you may have to lay the wires down again – and as the 1200R is supplied with a boundary wire (this defines the perimeter of the lawn) and also a guide wire (helps guide the mower back to the docking station when it has completed its cycle or requires recharging).

Flymo 1200R Docking Station

The docking station itself demands a large clear area all around it too which can affect or limit its positioning thus depending on the shape & size of your lawn may provide a challenge in terms of where you decide you position it.

As with most robotic lawn mowers the cutting performance is very good indeed, using a mulching method that literally obliterates the grass into fine clippings.   This removes the need to dispose of grass clippings, which in turn is fed back into the lawn improving the overall lawn health. The 1200R is installed with three free hanging blades that ensures a smooth, quiet cut. The lowest possible cut that is available is 17cm, and slope cutting is 25%.  The narrowest possible cutting width is 90cm which is actually wider than other models that have been tested.

Flymo 1200R Features

The Flymo 1200R is a no fuss, no frills simple and easy to use robotic lawn mower, and the lack of features is therefore reflected in the low price. The 1200R is not smart enabled and has no smart connectivity. But as with most robotic mowers is has good security features such as PIN coded operation and a lift sensor alarm.

How do I programme the 1200R?

Programming the 1200R is very easy & straight forward, thanks to the intuitive logical questions, it also helps that the mower itself doesn’t have many features so programming is effectively quick and simple. Once programmed there is no need to re-programme again in the future. To adjust the height of the cut there is a simple rotary dial located on the top of the 1200R.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Very easy to install & programme
  • Spare blades provided
  • Two year warranty


  • Is not SMART enabled
  • Requires a large area around the docking station
  • Requires 90c between boundary wire
  • Large and bright



The Flymo 1200R is easily one of the best value for money robotic lawn mowers on the market. It is very quick and easy to set up & configure and does a decent job at cutting the lawn. However, the lack of SMART features that are found in other mowers such as the Gardena Sileno City may deter some people. However, if you hate cutting the lawn manually and just want to sit back and let a machine do it for you, then look no further as the 1200R delivers. At the time of writing there are two more Flymo robotic lawn mowers due for launch this year so watch this space!

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  1. I totally agree with the fact that Flymo 1200R is one of the best value for money robotic lawn mowers on the market with a 2 year warranty. i can hardly see any other one do better. although it is not smart enabled i still think that the functionality is good. thank you for this review.

  2. I think buying a robotic mower is not a bad idea at all because it will be able to make the work that I am to do a lot more easier for me which is very nice. I think this self cutting robot em hell me relax by the lawn while it does most of the work for me. I’m happy with this kind of beautiful innovation and I will recommend this to my friends too.

  3. Hello there, Thanks for sharing this awesome article i know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. The  Flymo 1200r robotic mower is one of the best robotic mowers I have ever used its potable and make the job to be done a lot lesser.


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