Gardena Sileno City Review

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The Gardena Smart Sileno City Robotic Lawn Mower is designed for small urban gardens. For small urban gardens, lawn mowering can be so easy and even effortless – bring on the GARDENA Smart SILENO City that mowers your lawn so reliably and accurately and is ever so quiet, you will hardly hear it in operation.  This mower is designed for use on small lawns up to 500 square metres. It will easily master inclines of up 25 percent and will even operate in narrow, tight areas without any issues.

Gardena Sileno City Review

The SILENO City is equipped with a rear wheel that swivels, thus ensuring the robotic lawn mower has increased manoeuvrabilty and agility using the CorridorCut function – ideal for narrow lawns. During the installation process, there is a programming assistant that will guide you through the menu system and calculates independently the mowing plan. The mowing times can be set using the smart App and synced with the irrigation times of the smart water control. There is a central networking smart Gateway which can create an internet connection using your existing router, thus acting as the core of the smart system to make use of a cable free network, providing communication between all GARDENA smart system devices in your garden and the GARDENA smart App.

Just like most other robotic lawn mowers, when the mower is finished its cut or when its low on power, it will automatically return to its charging station.



Ideal for complex, and small lawns

The GARDENA smart SILENO city can mow small lawns automatically and evenly, managing with ease narrow corridors and tight areas.

One of the quietest mowers on the market

At around 58 db(A), this smart SILENO city mower makes half as much noise when compared with other models and brands. You will barely notice it running.

Can work in all weather conditions

Rain, Hail, Snow and Sun, the SILENO City doesn’t care – it will be your personal helper in your garden and operate in all weathers, uphill or downhill, your lawn is always cut to perfection.

Operate your mower from anywhere

Making use of the GARDENA Smart App (supports . iOS & Android), you will always be in complete control of your garden, wherever you are in the world. With just a few taps on the app, you will be given all the information you need on screen to adjust and manage your mower conveniently.

Easy Installation

SILENO have included a programming assistant that will aid you with the installation process. By simply inputting your lawn size and desired mowing times, you’re mowing plan is calculated accordingly. Complex programming is not required.

Spot Cutting

There is a spot cutting feature, a spiral mowing type of motion, which allows the mower to access hard to reach areas such as underneath garden tables / chairs etc.

Frost Sensor

The built-in frost sensor will detect if the outside temperature is close to freezing point and suspends the mowing operation plan, thus protecting your lawn. You will also receive notifications and further insights relating to this from within the GARDENA smart app.


The smart SILENO

Easy to clean

The GARDENA smart SILENO city is very easy to clean, simply by spraying the underside with a garden hose frees any dirt, dust and grass that may be present.


  • Very quiet operation
  • Excellent agility & manoeuvrabilty
  • Suitable for narrow lawns
  • Smart Networking System & App
  • Quick & Easy Installation


  • Not suitable for large lawns


There is no doubt that the GARDENA smart SILENCO city is a very capable and well-designed robotic lawn mower. It is a smart device, great at navigating your lawn and is one of the quietest models available on the market. The fact that is it can operate in all weather conditions is a major plus point, coupled with an easy setup process makes this machine a very good work horse for your garden. There are other models sure, like the worx landroid but based on the features supported this is highly recommended and worth a look.




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  1. Senti vontade de ter um robô desse para podar a grama do meu jardim aqui no Brasil . Você poderia me dar um de presente? Estou brincando, na correria da vida hoje precisamos de coisas que nos ajude a gastar menos tempo e isso é uma boa pedida do robô que poda grama sozinho

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