Honda Miimo Review | HRM 310

In my Honda Miimo Review, you will discover that this is a very sleek and stylish looking robotic lawn mower that is equipped with an advanced sensor system, various programming option, which coupled with and on board computer works to cut and mulch your lawn resulting in very little input from you. During operation this mower is very quiet indeed, it just gets on with its job, but noticeably does not include some features you would expect to find present in an expensive mower that must be installed professionally.

Quick Summary

At the time of writing, there are two identical Miimo models, both in size and design. The HRM 310 that I have reviewed here, and the HRM 520. The Honda Miimo is supplied with a 22.2. V/1,800mAh lithium ion battery which gives the machine around 30 minutes of operation, whilst the Miimo 520’s 22.2v/3,600mAh battery provides up to 1 hour of use respectively. So with this in mind the Miimo will appeal to people who have smaller gardens. The Miimo is designed to handle inclines of up to 25 degrees and the mulching height can be adjusted between 0.8 and 2.4 inches.

Honda Miimo 310

The Miimo does not support mobile or app connectivity that we have seen in other mowers such as the Gardena Sileno City. All the programming is handled via the on board control panel. The Miimo also contains built in sensors that will shut the devices down in the event coming into contact with any solid objects. The Miimo unfortunately does not come equipped with a rain sensor that you will find in other models such as the Worx Landroid, however, it can still run when its raining but you will need to careful that the Miimo does not come into contact with standing water such as puddles, so in the absence of mobile app connectivity if you want to interrupt its operation you will need to go out into the rain to access the built in control panel.

Should you need to halt the operation of the mower, there is a large red stop button on the top, which when activated powers off the Miimo and opens the control panel to reveal the keypad and LCD screen.

Performance & Installation


The Honda Miimo HRM 310 must be installed professionally by a Honda representative at your home once purchased. The Honda rep will:-

  • Lay down perimeter wire
  • Connect the wire to the base
  • Program via the setup wizard
  • Perform a test run to ensure the Miimo stayed within perimeter boundaries

The installation can take up to two hours.


The Miimo does a fantastic job of keeping the lawn looking neat and tidy, will not miss any spots and will also cut the edges nicely. In fact, it will never miss a scheduled cutting day and following 25 minutes of operation, makes its way back to the charging or docking station. During operation if the mower came into contact with any objects it would always stop. The Miimo’s cutting method uses a mulching technique that is common in most other robotic lawn mowers on the market.

Miimo Control Panel

The mulching technique obliterates the grass into fine clippings almost powder-like and in turn feeds this back into your lawn, thus adding much-needed nutrients which is good for the grass and helps to keep it healthy and grow.

It is very easy to program the Miimo. Using the LCD screen will show the current date and time, and six sub-menus are displayed. These are:-

  • Work Timer
  • Lawn Setup
  • Diagnostics
  • History
  • System Settings
  • Setup Wizard

The ‘Work Timer’ function allows you to program and set specific days and set a start time for the Miimo to start cutting. You can set the mower to start cutting in the morning and again in the evening if you like, but only two cycles per day are allowed, which makes sense as you wouldn’t really want or have the need to do more cycles than that.

In addition to this, there is a ‘Seasonal Timer’ – this is great for when there are faster growing rates during Spring and Summer for example, and also a ‘Quiet Timer’ that also adjusts the wheel and blades speeds thus making the mower operate quieter.

The ‘Lawn Setup’ menu, enables you to select between ‘Auto’ (timed) and ‘Manual’ (untimed) modes. In the ‘Auto’ mode you have the option of one of three cutting patterns, mixed, random and directional. You can also enable the ‘Edge Cutting’ feature which will result in the mower being sent out from its docking station a couple of times a week to trim the area close the perimeter boundary wire, and also ‘Spiral Cutting’ which commands the mower to start cutting in a spiral pattern, in the event of encountering thicker grass. Within this section you can also set the information about your lawn such as size, length & perimeter.

It’s also possible to configure three start up points for every day of the week, which is great for larger and more complex lawns, to ensure a more consistent, uniform finish.

Included Accessories

  • Docking / Charging Station
  • 656 feet of wire for the perimeter
  • Plastic wire stakes
  • Wire connectors
  • Six extra cutting blades
  • Owner’s manual


  • Very quiet operation
  • Cuts the grass evenly
  • It’s Lightweight
  • Contains an anti-theft alarm


  • Expensive
  • Must be installed professionally
  • Absence of WiFi & Bluetooth
  • No mobile App control
  • Lack of rain sensor


The Honda Miimo HRM 310 is an expensive, very capable robotic lawn mower that does a fine job of cutting and feeding your lawn. It is very quiet during operation and whilst the lack of features such as WiFi, mobile app & rain sensor will put off some people, in terms of a mower that is good at doing what its supposed to do – cut and mulch your lawn still appeals will still appeal to some.

The bottom line is that you can pay less and still get a decent mower with the additional features that the Miimo lacks, such as Smart App capable and rain sensor etc. However, the Miimo HRM 310 is still worth a look if you don’t mind being without these features.

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  1. Undeniably, this is really quite interesting and a lot more awesome to see here. If there’s one thing I love here about this Honda milmo, it is about the quietness of it’s operations and how even it is in performance. I love keeping my lawn even and equally neat too. This is really great to see and thanks so much for sharing this post out here. Thanks

  2. What will they think of next? technology is really making a positive impact on the way we live. I have heard about this lawn mower before and it seems to be making a big name with all the buzz. But as you said it is very expensive besides other things that are need for it to be installed. Once you have the funds I believe this is worth giving a try.

  3. This is truly remarkable having a robotic lawnmover. If my dad were still alive he would really get a kick out of this. He and I used the mow the lawn with a non-motored traditional mower which you had to physically push along. Actually, I prefer those as you get some great exercise while you get your yard in order. Thanks for sharing this interesting post.


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