iRobot Terra Preview – Roomba’s Latest Product Coming in 2020

In 2019 we have seen the Beta version of the eagily anticipated iRobot Terra robotic lawn mower. Whilst there has not been much information about the iRobot Terra mower, earlier this month iRobot had contacted the Verge to say that Terra’s beta machine is ‘progressing as planned’ and that iRobot expects it to be commercially available in the US from 2020, exact date still to be confirmed but I would imagine it would make sense to release it prior to the Spring mowering season.

irobot terra


Proposed Pricing

Although the pricing of the iRobot has not yet been revealed, it has been suggested that it will sit at the competitive range of the market – between $1,000 to £3,500.

Potential Features

As this machine will be at the top end of the market, it has been confirmed by the Verge how iRobot can differentiate the Terra brand from other popular brands. It has been suggested that the iRobot Terra will have twin blades, that will “micro-mulch’ – similar to general mulching we have already seen in other products such as the Worx Landroid.

This type of mulching simply obliterates the grass and deposits the clippings back into the lawn, thus improving the health of the lawn and leaving no mess for user or grass box to empty.

One of the most important factors is the Terra’s ease of use over other competitors, with a simplified setup process. iRobot has invested heavily to develop a wireless beacon system, which is unique to the iRobot Terra range. This system enables Terra to navigate complex lawns, without requiring the need for a boundary wire, as used by many other brands on the market today.

The wireless beacons are placed around the lawn or yard, and the iRobot will then train its course by driving once around the perimeter. Once it has ‘learned’ the layout of the lawn, a schedule can then be setup along with other features and modes. Early indications would suggest that the wireless beacons must be professionally installed, but this is yet to be confirmed.

Anti Theft Software

The iRobot Terra has built in anti theft software which renders the device inoperable if it is placed on a lawn for which it has not been mapped. This another clear advantage of the new wireless beacon system. And just like other Robotic Lawn Mowers, there will be a security PIN system which prevents the device from being accessed, or reset to factory settings.

Weather Proof

The iRobot Terra is said to boast an IP55 rated enclosure, which means it will be able to withstand most weather conditions, although iRobot themselves have advised that during harsh winter months, the mower and its beacons are stored inside to minimize any potential damage to the device.


As the iRobot Terra Robotic Lawn Mower is currently in Beta and not yet fully released into the market, it is difficult to form an opinion of this device. However, if indications are to be believed, then certainly the potential features mentioned above and it’s ease of use will no doubt make this an attractive product, and one that has significant advantages over its competitors.

7 thoughts on “iRobot Terra Preview – Roomba’s Latest Product Coming in 2020”

  1. Thank you! This sounds like a great robotic lawn mower. In general, I really like the idea of a robotic lawn mower. Lawn mowing is a simple activity, just going back and forth, and could be done by a robot. As long as the robot has some sensors to avoid bumping into someone or something which wasn’t expected to be in their path. 

    That’s great that the iRobot spits the grass back out on the lawn. Great idea. Thanks! I’m sure people are out there Googling “robotic lawn mower” and they will appreciate your website. Take care!

  2. Wow, this is the coolest thing ever! Having a robot mow your lawn for you. I’m glad you’re making the website now, to catch the wave of the future. It is just in beta, but by the time it’s released, people will be coming here for information, since you will be established by then in the field. Great thinking. 

    I like the anti-theft features. It would be so easy to go onto someone’s lawn, where there’s a robo-mower operating, and just take the robot. But if the robot can’t be used except by the owner, then stealing it is pointless. They have to make sure no one can hack the system or dismantle it and sell the parts though. Are there any kinds of alarms which could go off and tell you that someone’s stealing your robot mower? Then you could run out there and stop them. 

    • Hello Charles,

      Thanks for your feedback.  Yes, most Robotic Lawn Mowers have built in alarms that are triggered anytime they are picked up, this is a very good security feature.  There are some on the market (which I will be reviewing) that have a built in GPS so you track your mower too.

  3. I was looking everywhere for a preview of the robotic lawnmowers. Yours is the best one I’ve found. A robotic lawn mower will save you hours every week. I always see people out there for an hour at a time, or more, mowing lawns. But, with a robotic lawn mower, you could easily use that time to be with your family and friends, build your business, exercise, or even just get some rest, instead. 

    Sometimes people get home from a long day of physical work and then they still have to mow their lawn. But if they could just flick on a robotic lawn mower, it would be so much better for their health. 

    It sounds like the most advanced, because of having a special beacon instead of a wire. I will keep an eye on your website for more information about the release. 

    • Hello Vlad,
      That is a great question, but unfortunatly as the iRobot Terra is still currently in Beta we won’t really get confirmation of it’s features and wether a rain sensor is included until it is released in 2020. At that point I plan to write a new review so watch this space!


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