What Is a Robotic Lawn Mower ?

A Robotic Lawn Mower is an automated robotic device that is used to cut a grass lawn, but what is a robotic lawn mower and how do they work?

Typically, these machines work by requiring the user to place a border wire around the perimeter of their garden, or indeed around the area if your garden where you want your grass to be cut.  Once the border wire has been placed around the permiter of the garden, the robotic lawn mower gets to work and is clever enough to navigate itself around the garden.  It will even return to it’s docking station when it has completed it’s task or if it detects the battery running low.

What Is A Robotic Lawn Mower

The robotic lawn mower contains many features including a sensor that interacts with the border wire, and prevents the mower from going over the border wire and off the garden onto soil for example. This ensures that the lawn mower stays within the boundaries of the border wire.

Since these devices have  been on the market, the technology surrounding these devices has increased in such a way in that they can be self docking – yes, you can now get a docking station that will also double as charging station.

Who Is It For?

The robotic lawn mower is designed to make cutting your lawn far easier and less stressful. Just think of what else you can do with your time now that you do not have the laborious task of mowing your lawn. With this in mind, the robotic mower will appeal to the following types of people:

  1. People who do not like Gardening
  2. Are too lazy like me!
  3. Have a large garden or plot of grass that can take quite some time to cut
  4. Want to spend time doing something else whilst the robotic lawn mower is hard at work

The bottom line is, a robotic lawn mower is very handy to have, and when it is in use you can do other important things like go to work, do the grocery shopping etc.

How do Robotic Lawn Mowers Work ?

Every Robotic Lawn Mower, including the Worx Landroid I reviewed recently, is a type of ‘mulching’ mower. In simple terms, this means that these machines do not store the grass that they cut, they do not have a grass box. Instead, the grass is cut into fine clippings – this in turn deposits the cut, decomposed grass together with nutrients back into the soil.

Now depending on which robotic mower you use, the cutting process can be far more intelligent. Rather than following the perimeter wire, some models can actually map out the layout of your garden or lawn, and calculate the best route to take. This will lead to a far straighter line cut, and not a cut in random patterns.  You can find more detailed information here.

What To Consider Before Purchase

1. How big is your garden?

Each robotic lawn mower has a maximum lawn size that it can cut, usually measured in square metres. Do not assume that the mower that covers less distance, or contains less battery life, can cut your entire lawn in two trips. The lawn mower may not come with enough perimeter wire to cover a larger lawn or it may not be able to travel far enough from its charging station or dock.

2. Are there any slopes in your garden?

Most robotic lawn mowers can handle a small hill or incline, but some can handle steeper inclines better than other models. If your garden has any slopes then ensure the mower you choose has the power to get up them and keep cutting properly as it goes. You will find the maximum angle each robotic mower can navigate in each review.

3. Do you need a mower that functions in rain?

If you get a lot of rain where you live, then it may be worth investing in a robotic mower that can cut the grass in damp or wet conditions. Some robotic mowers cannot cut damp or wet grass, while other models return to their charging station automatically when they sense that rain is starting to fall.

4. Do you need a mower that can handle multiple zones?

If your lawn is separated by paths or fences then you may need to buy a model that supports multi-zones, which can also be useful if you’d like your robotic mower to cut the front lawn as well as the back lawn. There are some models ask you set a base zone, which is then mowed automatically to the schedule you set, whilst the numbered zones require you to manually start the mower and tell it which area of the lawn to cut. If the mower is unable to access one of your areas, then you will need to move it there yourself.

5. Does it have fixed or pivoting blades?

Both fixed and pivoting blades should be more than capable of cutting grass, but they are not equal if they come into contact with something harder such as stones or soil etc. Pivoting blades can move out of the way if they come up against any hard objects whereas fixed blades do not, meaning they are more likely to get stuck on anything solid in your garden, such stones, hard soil or other hard objects like clothes pegs, children’s toys etc.

6. What’s the battery life?

The better the battery life, the more area the robotic lawn mower can cut in one go before automatically returning to it’s charging station.  It is therefore advisable to base your model selection against the size of your lawn.  If you have a massive garden, then you will want a model with a superior battery life, as apposed to a small garden where you will  get by using a model with a small or mediocre battery life.

Where Can You Get One?

Robotic Lawn Mowers are available from most major outlets, and also online at sites such as Amazon & eBay etc.

When Is It Best To Order?

The best time to order one of these fantastic devices will be during the Winter sales, or even approaching spring and summer when Websites like Amazon offer reductions and great deals on many gardening products.

Why Should You Buy One?

As you are reading this article, you are already interested in the robotic lawn mower and how it will make cutting your lawn easier for you. You should consider purchasing one as it will do all the work for you, while you can get on with more important tasks in life, or just relax in the garden with a drink in hand and watch it do its stuff.


The Robotic Lawn Mower is an intelligent, seriously cool piece of kit. Although there are many brands with varying price ranges, when it comes down to just cutting the grass or lawn they do pretty much the same job, and they do it well – automatically. The higher you go up in price, the amount of features included increase.

I have covered the more intelligent type, which can navigate around your lawn and cut in straight lines, but really if you just want it to do its thing and cut the lawn while you pop out to the supermarket or local pub, then these are perfect and will make your life easier.

What do you think about the Robotic Lawn Mower?

Please leave a comment below and let me know.

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  1. Automatic lawn mowers can be used on lawns ranging from 100 square feet to 2 acres. Some models will allow multiple units to be installed on the same lawn expanding coverage far beyond 2 acres. If your lawn is on the smaller side of the spectrum, a lower priced unit may be sufficient for your needs.

  2. Robotic lawn mowers maintain a consistent grass height by mowing more often. They obey the 1/3 rule of grass cutting. That is, only one third of the height of your grass should be cut at each mowing. This is the healthiest way to mow your lawn.


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