Worx Landroid Review | The #1 Intelligent Robot Mower

Whilst robotic lawnmowers generally have been around now for a few years, there is a new breed of robotic mower on the market – meet the Worx Landroid. Like all other models of Robotic Lawn Mowers, these devices take away the physical task of mowing the lawn but the landroid mower has more bells and whistles – it is way smarter than other brands. Like other brands, there is no big blade, this mower uses very small blades and cuts the grass using a ‘mulching’ method the obliterates the grass clippings and is reabsorbed into your lawn to feed it.

worx landroid

But how is this different to other models and what makes it smarter ?

Find out below..

Smarter. Intelligent. In every way

With the assistance of AIA Intelligent Navigation, the Worx Landroid Mower automatically adjusts to the size and shape, grass growth rate of your lawn. It is essentially a ‘lawn manicure’ and once it gets to work it won’t take long before you notice a real difference in the look, quality and health of your grass.

By simply mowing every couple of days this will help promote the grass density and prevent weeds from coming through.

The all new Worx Landroid Mower constantly learns from the worx fleet of thousands of connected robotic mowers and updates itself on a regular basis. It is agile, very safe, accurate and comes packed with many customizable features and just like other brands of robotic lawn mowers, when the battery level is low it will automatically return to it’s docking station when it needs to recharge.

Height Adjustment

You can also adjust the height at which the blades but the grass using a 20-60mm dial. As a rule of thumb do not put this setting all the way down from the word go, as this will result in an unevenly mowered lawn, meaning that the smallest blades of grass do not get time to grow properly, you will then see brown patches on the grass and that is not good and will leave your lawn in an unhealthy state.

The best practice is to gradually set the cutting height, ensuring your lawn is even and healthy, giving your grass time to grow.

Rain Sensor

The worx landroid mower can automatically sense whenever the grass is wet therefore stops it from mowing, even if is already mowered or docked in it’s docking station, the mower will not begin mowing until the grass is dry. This prevents the mower from being clogged up with wet grass on its underside, thus needed more power to operate, therefore decreasing battery usage. Not mowing wet grass will also increase the operation life of the device.

AIA Intelligent Navigation

All new AIA Technology ensures that the Worx Landroid Mower mows your lawn more efficiently & effortlessly than standard robotic lawn mowers. As the most agile in robotic mowers on the market, it will easily navigate through narrow passages where other models won’t go near.

Safety Features

Quick Stop Blade

A great safety feature with this model is that Worx have programmed in a ‘quick stop blade’ system, and this is activated whenever the bot is lifted or tilted, the blade is immediately stopped thus eliminating any possible injury.

Security Features

It is imperative that when you lay down the perimeter wire, you lay it down around the supplied docking station, which acts as a charging station too. This means that should you go out and your landroid is cutting the lawn, when the battery level is low it will return to it’s docking station to charge. This is important because there is a built in security system which relys on the battery to emit a loud shreaking alarm, in any event of someone attempting to steal it.

When you lift or move your mower normally, you are required to enter a security pin first, to prevent this alarm from going off.


  • Affordable
  • Intelligent Navigation, Very Smart
  • Configurable Features, build your own Landroid!
  • Update it’s software from other connected models
  • Included battery works on other worx cordless tools
  • Landroid App – your lawn at your fingertips


  • Can have some issues with some sloped and unusually shaped lawns, but generally if the installation process is followed properly it will be fine
  • Takes a long time to charge in comparison with other brands


The basic concept around all robotic lawn mowers is that they all work in the same way, but there are some including the Landroid Mower that has a few more bells and whistles, the ‘Ferrari’ of the Robotic Lawn Mower world. The clever technology behind the Landroid is exceptional, and with continuous software updates, new options and features can be added. If your lawn or yard is standard lawn with few obstacles, then the Landroid Mower is for you. It’s mulching technique ensures that your lawn is kept healthy after every cut, with no grass box required.


8 thoughts on “Worx Landroid Review | The #1 Intelligent Robot Mower”

  1. This would be a great product for the aging population who may not have the means to pay others to take care of their lawn. What does the battery life look like in one of these? Like, say if an individual owned three acres of land that needed cut, would the battery need recharged at some point?

    • Hey Todd,

      Yes I agree – these robotic mowers are perfect for elderly people and also people who have limited mobility.  In terms of someone owning three acres of land, then the robotic mower would be un-suitable as it will take many charges to cover the entire lawn.  In this case , and sit-down mower would be recommended.

      Thanks for your comments.


  2. Robot Vacuums are a very popular product but I did not know that they now had robot mowers. It seems that this can determine all of the factors that can go into the difficulty or variation of the grass being cut for a good cut. Do you prefer these to other normal mowers and are there other robot mowers on the market?

    • Hello Jon,

      Yes the Robotic Mowers are better than the manual models for sure.  There are tons of other brands of Robotic Mowers also, and I will reviewing many more brands in due course.  Check back for more reviews.  Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Hi Tim

    This sounds like a handy gadget to have around and love the bold orange colour. Would the Worx Landroid come in different colours? Also would you know the dimensions and weight of this?

    I really like the features on this mower especially the rain sensor and the fact that it has its own app! Very high tech and modern. Do you know how long it take to fully charge before using again?

    Thanks for the review.


    • Thanks for your comments Teresa.

      The Worx Landroid does not come in different colours but that is a good idea actually !

      On average , a full charge can take up to 2 hours.

      Thanks again,

  4. Wow, this looks like a pretty nice robotic lawn mower. I really need one for my yard, especially with all this rain. The grass is growing like wildfire! I really like that it can sense if the grass is wet. Cutting wet grass can really mess up your lawn. 

    I don’t really mind that the battery takes long to charge as long as it can do my yard in one charge. How much does it cut in one battery charge? 

    • Hi Marlinda,

      Thanks for your feedback.  The mower can mower an average to large lawn in one charge.  But if your yard is like the size of a football field, it will probably return to its docking station when the battery gets low. Hope this helps. 


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